Sunday, May 6, 2007

Greetings from Sweden

I'm so excited about this! If we don't have any knitters from Norway on this KAL, I can probably take the socks over the border, so that they get an extra country in for free! We only live 15 minutes away, so it's easily done.

I'm an American who's followed her heart to Sweden. My Swede and I were married in Sept. 1999 and I moved here in Jan. 2000. It was fun learning a new language in my 40s, NOT! I became a grandma last November and I will be heading to the States in June to visit her (and my daughter and her husband, of course) and to buy some more sock yarn! Oh, and one of my husband's daughters is expecting this November, so I have more baby feet to knit for! Yay!

Hope the socks get here soon!

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blÄggdama said...

As Heidi says, there are Norwegians here, and here is another. But I live in Bergen so it will have to travel far and high anyway :)