Sunday, August 19, 2007

The knitting order

It seems like a lot of you would prefer knowing the knitting order. Here it is for both TISA and AlphaMonkey.


Kitty <3, USA
mummymakesphotos, Scotland
Rebecca, USA
Holly, Germany
Debi, USA
Pixie Riot, Canada
Desiree, USA
Sandykins57, Sweden
Jennifer, USA
NotSoCarbonNeutral, England
sheepish1, USA
bockstark.knits, Germany
Christy, USA
Ann Christin, Norway
Amy, USA
Melly, Canada


Lisa C..Knitter Navy Wife, USA
MABS, Germany
plumfan, USA
OzKnitter, Australia
Evelyn, USA
Katie, USA
Stariel, USA
pinkphish, UK
Karen, USA
Sarah, Canada
Heidi, Finland
Fiona, UK
Nicole, USA
Holly, USA
Sharon, South Africa
myosotis, Germany
Sandy, USA
Cynthia, The Netherlands

As far as we know now, TISA is with Jenni and AlphaMonkey is still with Maresi, right? Could both Jenni and Maresi please post to the blog to confirm this?

I also like the idea of a time limit. Let's all agree that the time limit for knitting your part is 7 days. If you can't finish it by then, you have the option to send it on to the next knitter as it is (i.e. without knitting your part). That just makes it a little harder to keep track of which parts have been knitted and which haven't, but just count the different yarns and I'm sure you'll figure it out. Knitters are smart! :)


Lisa C..Knitter Navy Wife said...

If Maresi doesn't post within a week of this posting, I'll start Alpha again. I'll just need Jennifer's address. I know I just knitted the cuff. If possible, could you make up another booklet and just mail it to Jennifer so it's waiting for her and then we can get the show on the road if Maresi bails.

Amy said...

Dang, I'm all the way at the end of the line. Oh well. Yes, we def. need a time limit or it will be this time next year before I get to finish the foot of Tisa.

MABS said...

sorry to be so lost, between work and moving, I haven't checked back.
But for those of you who are wondering:
Alpha Monkey left Germany almost 2 months ago...