Friday, April 20, 2007


How to register

Send me an email with your name and blog address to
voivitsi (at) yahoo (dot) com.

General stuff

1. Depending on the number of participants, one pair or several pairs of socks will travel around the world.

2. Every knitter will knit a small part of the same Knitty sock pattern. The participants will vote for a pattern, and the pattern with the most votes will be used. More information about this later.

3. The goal is to get the socks to visit as many countries as possible during their journey.

4. The first knitter will receive a package with needles, the pattern, instructions, a journal and a small treat. Everything except the treat will be sent to the next knitter.

5. The address of the next knitter will be sent to you by email. (No list of participants addresses will be travelling around the world inside the package)

6. The last knitter in line will be responsible for grafting the toe, weaving in the ends, and washing and blocking the socks. This person will also send the socks to the person who wins them in the drawing.

What you need to do as a knitter

1. Register for this KAL by sending me an email with your name and blog address. The email address is : voivitsi (at) yahoo (dot) com.

2. Knit your part of the sock within a reasonable time frame using your own sock yarn. Your part could for example be the cuff, or a pattern repeat, or the heel, etc. Follow the instructions that come with the sock. Needles will be included in the package. The needles will be dpns, so if you prefer to knit with circs you can transfer the stitches to your own needles. Just remember to put them back on the dpns before you send them!

3. Take a picture of the sock at an interesting location and post it to our Flickr group. Write a "story" under the picture, why not in the form of a post card.

4. Write something in the journal that comes with the sock.

5. Include a small treat in the package for the next knitter (optional, but highly appreciated).

6. Cut the yarn and put the sock in a bubble envelope after you've finished your part and make sure that it gets sent to the next knitter (appropriate postage, etc.).

7. Have a lot of fun!

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