Friday, May 18, 2007

Hello from Virginia

I'm really excited for this kal... it's so different from the others! I'm Liz, a sahm with a 6 and almost 9 yr old and 4 cats (the newest one is 7 weeks old, aww!) I taught myself to knit about 3 years ago. I am addicted to sock knitting, the yarn especially. (Let's not talk stash here, lol)

I live in Southern Virginia, but I'm a military brat so it's hard to call this place home. I spent 10 years in Germany as a child. I was 14 when we came back stateside, 29 now, and I still miss it. Someday, I'll get there again.

Bring on the socks!


mummymakesphotos said...

Snap, I'm 29 too! And love Germany, haven't been there in more than 10 years now, but DfutureH has finally been convinced by his twin brother that it's a great place after said twin visited Berlin at the weekend. DFH has now actually suggested Berlin for our honeymoon! My jaw nearly hit the floor! I've been telling him how great Germany is since I met him!

Where in Germany did you stay?

Liz said...

We lived in Bertchesgaden in the early 80's before they closed the base there. And from '87 to '92 we lived in Ansbach, about 45 minutes from Nuremburg.

Think I could fit in your suitcase for the honeymoon? ;)

My hubby actually left yesterday for a 10 day business trip to Austria. Did I mention how bitter I am?!? I told him to bring back some brotchen, hehe.