Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello/Bonjour from Canada!

Hey sock knitters! Just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone in on some of my plans for the travelling sock. My name is Sarah and I live in Toronto, hub of all things Knitty. I've been knitting seriously for about three years now and socks for the last two.

Seeing as how this is the City of Knitterly Love I'm going to do my best to introduce the TIS (truly international sock) to some other loverly Torontonians and possibly another travelling sock. Being a Lettuce Knit SnBer I'm ging to try and get some pics with Stephanie's book tour sock and take the TIS to meet Mrs. Knitty herself. I envision trips to the CN tower, the hockey hall of fame and the TSX among other photo ops.

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Heidi said...

Oh man! The sock can't wait! :)