Friday, June 22, 2007


Sorry folks! I am currently experiencing camera and computer difficulties. :( I apologize for delays on my part. Hopefully things will be running smoothly here soon.


blÄggdama said...

If everyone here uses two weeks this will be finished by ... lets see: 34 people x 2 weeks = in 68 weeks time. Well, we haven't set a finish-date, but I feel the inspiration is leaking here. I really think this sock must get on the road again.
Isn't it possible for you to borrow a camera?

Lisa C..Knitter Navy Wife said...

I think everyone who has the sock(s) should check in and let us know where they are. That way if we have to get this moving again, it's still early enough.

Maybe reminder emails need to be sent out to be sure they don't get lost?