Sunday, June 3, 2007

I'm Number 1!

Okay, actually I am Knitter 1. lol I just got the package on Friday, and am very excited! So far I've only just cast-on, but that is because I re-did the CO about 3 times. Had to get it perfect.

International Sock Swap

The yarn I am using is Cherry Blossom Fibers Blue Flash. Cindy is one of my favorite indie dyers on, even if she isn't really well known like the Yarn Pirate. It is leftover from my I Dream of Africa socks. So far the sights lined up for the sock are the beach, Camp LeJeune, and New River Air Station. Possibly Yuma, Arizona if Mr. Shad doesn't mind. :)


bockstark.knits said...

Glad to hear the socks have started! Your yarn choice sounds perfect!

blÄggdama said...

How unfortunate for you not to see, like the rest of us, all the yarn used by us all. But on the other hand, how exiting to be the First, The Prime Knitter ... ;)

But where are you, Knitter 1?