Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The socks have been tracked down

I've found the socks! :) AlphaMonkey is still with Maresi (MABS). It will be photographed and on its way shortly.

The other sock (no name yet) is with Crystal (Kitty <3). As far as I know, some knitting has been done on it, but there is still some left to do.

I assume that we can expect posts from both knitters in the near future.

I know I didn't put a time frame for how long it's supposed to take each knitter to knit their part, take photos and send the sock off. But I think a week should be enough. If it takes longer than that, you should post about it on the blog to notify the other knitters. What do you knitters think about this? Is one week a good time frame?


Sandykins57 said...

So glad that they have been found. I have never knit Monkeys before, so maybe I'll have to try out the pattern before the socks get here. What do you think?

Jennie said...

It's good to hear that they've been tracked down. Can't wait to see the progress. :)

NotSoCarbonNeutral said...

One week should be more than enough and you're right Heidi - if it's going to take longer for some reason - holidays, illness etc then we should post on the Blog. Come on girls let's see who can turn their sock round the FASTEST!!! 24 hrs anyone????

blÄggdama said...

Me too, glad they are found :)

Sandykins57, I knit myself a pair to get a feel for it, but they are very easy so it should not be neccesary.


Okay, I now have a camera, but can't sign on to blogger. >.<

Holly said...

I vote for a week as well. And we should also check with the next person on the list before mailing off.

At least here in Germany, school is out as of next week in my area, and shortly after that we are going to be gone for a few weeks.

While I would dearly love to take TISA or Alpha monkey along to China, that might put in a bit of a delay.