Thursday, July 5, 2007


Okay, after finally resolving camera and computer problems we had to make a sudden trip to Maryland. I just figured out how to get my MIL's computer to allow me to post.

EXTREME apologies in regards to the sock. I will take it to DC and take pictures, then send it along it's way. My part is not finished and, again, deeply sorry. Some unexpected things happened recently and my mind has not been on knitting. If you feel the need to read up on the details go ahead.

Thank you for not lynching me! lol

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Debi said...

I am glad that Heather is fine. I had a scary Mommy moment with my oldest when he was about 8 (now 22) - came running down the street with a flap of his scalp hanging off thanks to a tree house he and a friend were tearing down. They do seem to try to give us early heart attacks, don't they?
I am very sorry about your FIL.