Thursday, August 16, 2007

A sincere apology

I am very sorry for my part of keeping you all in suspense. I had been on track with my part of the TiSA sock (despite wedding preparations) but sadly my grandfather passed away the week before our wedding and everything was pushed aside for the funeral, which was then followed two days later by the wedding. I am now home and catching up on everything, the sock will be in the post on it's way to the next knitter tomorrow. Sincerest apologies again and I hope to make it up to you all for the delay by posting some fabulous pics of the sock on tour in Scotland.


Sandykins57 said...

Please accept my condolences. Delay understood and very acceptable.


I, also would like to express my condolences. And, does it seem like Tisa might be bad luck? Or is that just me?