Sunday, March 16, 2008

On its Way

Hi! I think that Alpha Monkey has seen all there is to see here in Winchester, so I should pop it in the mail in the next few days. I will try to get a full travelogue posted to my blog soon, but just so you don't think we were goofing off all this time, here are a few of the fascinating places we visited together:

One of the first places we visited was Tuesday Night's knitting group at a nearby Starbucks (they stay open late!):

Next day we retrieved the lucky student travelers from Logan Airport; they had just spent six days in Paris! (someday I will learn how to rotate a photo!):

This is a photo of a church that is down the block from me - they are participating in a local tradition of hanging stuffed fabric hearts to decorate the trees for February - some people start when they take down the Christmas lights, and some of the hearts stay up well into spring. Someone here in town started it, and when they moved away they gave away their heart collection to friends and neighbors - now it is all over town. Some have a few, some lots and lots; it is such a nice splash of color while we wait for spring!

This is the view of my side yard and driveway a few days later; AlphaMonkey insisted on playing in the snow:

AlphaMonkey traveled along on many errands, including this trip to the high school office. The secretary and I are great friends, since I usually visit several times a week with something that one of my two high school aged children has forgotten. I wonder how my son will manage when he gets to college!

The sock and I had a lot of fun together, even if it was essentially local, everyday fun. Since the Blogger climate is favorable just now, I may pop over to my blog and post a few more photos. Showing AlphaMonkey a good time was a hoot; everyone I explained the project to just loved the whole idea. Knitting rules!

Tomorrow AlphaMonkey leaves for Etobicoke!

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Holly said...

This is great - Alpha Monkey getting itchy feet (grin) and packed up for new adventures.

Thanks for letting us know!