Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh, the places we will see!

Knitters from a whole bunch of different countries have been signing up at a steady pace, and the socks are already beside themselves with excitement! :) I'm sure you would be too if you had a chance to visit places like Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and USA (among others). There are even rumors that the socks will get to meet a real celebrity sock...

Sign-ups are open until Sunday (the 6th of May) and after that I will send out an email to all the knitters with some questions and more information. We will be posting our pictures and stories here on the blog instead of on Flickr, because it makes so much more sense to keep everything in one place. I will add all the knitters as contributors to the blog.

If we get just a few more participants, we can send two pairs of socks out! Yay!

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