Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tisa in Philly

Well, I finally named the sock. It is Tisa (Truly International Sock, Alright?), and Tisa is on it's way to the next knitter.

tiskal 1

Here we are at the Baltimore Aquarium. Tisa had to hide in my purse for most of it though. We were in the splash zone!

tiskal 3

When in must see the Liberty Bell!! My big head is blocking the bell. D'oh! It was either that or tourists.

tiskal 2

Um...I am not sure what this is. There was construction in front of the building that housed the Liberty Bell, and everyone was taking pictures. I was amused and so was Tisa, so we posed for a picture ourselves.

tiskal 4

This is Independence Hall. We couldn't figure out how to get in. You know...past those gates. So this picture is from behind them. Which is actually better, it's hard to get a good portion of the building in the picture.

tiskal 5

My friend wanted to stop in Starbucks during our walk around Philly. I'm not too fond of coffee, but Tisa was totally thrilled and insisted on posing with this employee. Who seems to be generally thrilled about holding some weird girl's needles and yarn. This ended up being my favorite picture, we were all thoroughly amused by this guy's enthusiasm.

tiskal 7

Here is my friend posing with Tisa in front of the Koigu at Loop. I mean, we had to sample the local yarn!

Well, unfortunately that is all I have for you. Apparently I am a terrible tourist. Hopefully the goodies I sent with Tisa will make up for at least a little bit of my delinquency.


blÄggdama said...

No, no! Tisa seems very thrilled for the tourist traps, and that's all we ask :D
The young mans enthusiasm is really great, poor chap can hardly keep it to himself ;D)))

By the way, 1. good to see some pictures again, and 2. liked your article. Well done :D

Amy said...

LOLOLOL, I am totally cracking up at the Starbucks employee! I would have loved to have been there when you asked him to hold some yarn and needles so you could take his picture. Great job!

Holly said...

Great pictures and good to know that TISA is on her way to explore more of the world.

Heidi said...

That is such a great story! And the Starbucks guy is just too funny! :) Glad to see that the sock is travelling again.

Jennie said...

Very fun trip Tisa is taking. :) Great pics!