Sunday, September 30, 2007

TISA is on her way.

It is amazing how the weeks just flew by. I had planned on having her for just a short visit, and here it is the end of Sept.

TISA arrived with some lovely treats to my house in Heidelberg.

She insisted on a short trip to the Heidelberg Castle

before becoming essentially lost in the mess that is my table in the studio.

On the 24th, she took the train with me to Stuttgart

where we were picked up by a friend for a trip down to Switzerland. Having finished up the heel (my part) - I am sure that she felt more comfortable.

Since the guys were busy at work - she and I checked out the local train schedule

went to visit the local castle and the sheep

and decided to hang out for a while there before moving on to a playground.

In the morning, after our last view of the Swiss Alps in the rain

we drove from Pfaeffikon back to Stuttgart before catching the train to Heidelberg.

Yesterday, she was safely tucked into a box bound for Illinois.

Please let us know when she arrives safely!



Heidi said...

TISA seems to have had a great time in Heidelberg! And it's funny to see that TISA and AlphaMonkey look so alike. They're both mostly blue! :)

Holly said...

it is a hoot, seems like we are all thinking on the same waves.