Thursday, October 4, 2007

TISA is back in the States

And what a quick trip! Postmarked the 29th of Sept and here by the 3rd of Oct (I didn't check the mail yesterday). Very impressive, and she didn't look at all queasy when I let her out of the box.

Holly sent some seriously lovely goodies along with TISA - some gorgeous sock yarn, an adorable Christmas ornament of a little old lady with her knitting, and a heart-shaped keychain with a raised relief of Heidelberg in the center - extra perfect because I love hearts and silver. Thank you so much for your generosity, Holly!

I am deciding which of 2 yarns to use for the gusset...leaning toward the funkier one, but all the posts seem to favor the bluer ones, hmmmmm....

TISA may get to go pumpkin shopping tomorrow, and will take in some sights early next week.
Pics to follow.

Oh! My blog is not the one listed in the sidebar, deleted that one and went back to the old one -

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Holly said...

Glad she is there safe and sound! Pumpkins are great.